AMT-AmVet Medical Technologies, A ISS company (International Software Solutions, LLC) a global cutting edge innovations "Certified Diversity" VOSB-a Veteran Owned Emerging Business, Federally SAM verified, Veteran’s Administration CVE

VOSB “Vets First” VIC certified, DoD and NSA IC/ARC certified visionary International software technology solutions organization. 

For our fifth year now AMT is the market leader in sales in the US for unified secure communication mass notification security software, custom software development and software development engineering placement.

AMT offers 6 deliverable product software solution sets:

Mass Notification Security Software Total Alert:

This includes the number one and only standards built Mass Notification software Total Alert certified by DoD and NATO AMT Total Alert. Total Alert is a product that continues to advance to new heights. Field proved with over 10 years of installations, proven to be the fastest standards built platform in response notification time in the market today with installation in hours when critical event notification and protection of executives and staff is off paramount importance now. AMT Total Alert offers the following options:

Shooter Detection software and sensor suite, Beacon Help Stations, SafeKey GPS locate and panic fob. Instant, geospatial and Media Situation Awareness. Digital DNA and Biometrics.

Total Alert Platform super enhancement options with Patrocinium:

4D active mapping tool that provides concurrent detailed “layers” of information for a single operating picture.

Geospatial Awareness – accurately geo-locate and visualize assets within a building down to the floor or manage the world if you are a enterprise user.

Multimedia Visualization – layer different data feeds on a single screen to better visualize what is happening during an event or for day to day information management.

Multiple Map integration – leading mapping technologies that has been proven effective by the government or commercial entities.

Multidimensional Timeline – view events in real-time or for digital auditing you can reverse or fast forward in time with relevant information.

Total Alert ArcPulse is an innovative solution to keep a “pulse” on open source and proprietary data relevant to your organization. Multiple data feeds are fused together into one picture giving your organization a picture of what is happening around you while integrating your people locally or on travel, with actionable information.

Real-Time Analytics – automatically monitor open source and proprietary data for trends relevant to your organization

Web-Based Dashboard – track valuable assets in seconds with the touch of a button

Data Fusion – optimize integration of multiple types of information

Notification Tools – receive custom indicators when resources need attention

Data Synthesizer – combine real-time open source social media data with real-time event data. 

Total Alert and Shooter Detection Systems Guardian Active Shooter Detection solution, a fully integrated system is the number one solution in the market today. Combining the industry’s fastest and most reliable gunshot detection product with the world’s fastest mass notification system, AMT Total Alert. Once a weapon has been fired, two key events instantly occur: An infrared flash and an acoustic bang. The Guardian sensors both “see” and “hear” both of those events, processes the information and declares a shot alert with certainty to the user. The sensors allow for 40’ of 180 or 360-degree coverage. Each sensor install requires a cabled network drop and a building floor-plan for ID and location verification. Working together as one solution, the software/sensor capabilities provides pinpoint shot location, instant notification to first responders, alerting via Total Alert to and including social media, indoor and exterior speakers, computer monitors, telephones, mobile devices intrusion and fire alarms. The customizable software embedded in the Guardian solution monitors the Guardian sensors and provides audio and visual information to the Total Alert Mass Notification system that then sends messages by phone, SMS, email notifications, mobile app and pop up for shot alerts by sending warnings to building occupants and if connected to the emergency personnel. The AMT Total Alert and the Guardian solution is designed to connect to existing client security panel via relay output interface. Total Alert offers easy Integration with third-party security and fire systems.

Federal and Commercial Software Development:

Abilities include: SDK, API interface capability. Infrastructure, Architecture and Engineering (IA& E), Portal and Infrastructure Support. Custom Application Development on iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile technologies. Applications, Applets and Social Media Integration, Social Media Development and Integration, Mobile Media Development.

Web Development, Information Security, Database Design, Disaster Recovery, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, E-Commerce. Physical Infrastructure, Systems Integration, Application Development, Website Development, Technical Operations, Technical Support, Systems Administration, Cloud based custom applications.

Federal and Commercial Software Development with Staff Augmentation Services:

In today’s business environment where quality resources are limited or your budget denies the ability to hire, we provide your company with the expertise to stabilize your workforce and your technical environments. Our recruiters provide the ultimate solution to this challenge. Our contract employees can join your team immediately, hit the ground running and contribute at a high level for as long as needed. You don’t have to worry about interviewing, hiring, administrative costs, or other personnel issues. Every minute we can save your means more time for you and your associates to focus on your core business goals.

We have a tradition of ensuring that your customers receive a rich, diverse selection of professionals. Submitted candidates are qualified, competent, results oriented individuals excelling in the latest technologies. Each candidate is carefully selected from relevant industries and backgrounds, which ensures the right person is being presented to the client.

AMT offers the scope of Military, Federal agency, city, state or commercial for use of our AMT software development engineers for timed placement or permanent placement. AMT Software engineers have experience in software development for Government, Space and Airborne, Defense CND, Government Consulting, Private Nuclear Power, Nuclear Solutions, Ethical Hacking Social, Penetration Testing, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Mobile Device, Compliance Assessment and DevOPS Encryption InfoSec. The security clearances of AMT placement software engineers are: Secret Clearance, Sensitive Security Clearance, Canadian Security Clearance, Top Secret DOD Clearance, Top Secret (TS), Single Scope Background Inv (SSBI), Minimum Background Inv (MBI, PublicTrust, Sensitive Compartmental (SCI), Law Enforcement (LE), Intelligence Communication (IC), Counter Intelligence (CI), Polygraph, FBI Investigation Clearance, Black Hat, White Hat. PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: CISSP, CISM, CISA, CNSSI, NSA, ISACA (ISC)2, CRISC, CGEIT, CNSS.

One company, All solutions for your fully integrated single source software solutions organization. All products available through Avant/CDW.

AMT is a approved "Certified Diversity Veteran Owned Emerging Business" vendor/supplier with Vendormate, UHS, Baylor, Baptist, Broward, Kaiser, Ochsner, Mercy, Med Assets, HCA, Harris, Boeing, Lockheed, Motorola, TI, HHS, VA, DoD, US Army, NSA, SS, FBI, FEMA and the DHS.

AMT provides solutions for small to large business, healthcare, education, local/state and Federal needs today by offering the most cutting edge emergency preparedness and response software solutions available today. The undisputed leader in cloud based and premise for unified secure communication MNS and security software solutions, AMT has the answers, know-how and the products to address your needs. AMT offers you organization our decades of experience in pioneering software and applications solutions within-depth expertise to providing user friendly flexible business engagement models with tried and true success.

At AMT we are focused on providing the best unified secure communication mass notification software, software development and software engineering placement for federal, commercial and medical, with you the customer driving the satisfaction “one order” at a time.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your organization, please contact us directly for any further information. Please support our troops, veteran owned diversity suppliers and God Bless America!

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AMT is a Verified and Certified VENDOR PARTNER:

AMT is SAM (System for Award Management) verified -Cage Code 73FY9

AMT is CVE VIP "Vets First" certified by the Veterans Administration

AMT is a National Security Agency NSA/IC ARC approved certified vendor

AMT has certified ECA DoD encrypted solicitation ability for the NSA, DoD and Federal Security Agencies

AMT is SBA (Small Business Administration) verified

AMT is D+B registered

AMT is a VA verified vendor and is VA Tungsten payment invoiced approved

AMT is State of Florida "Certified Diversity Veteran Owned" 5 year old Emerging Business

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AMT Products are listed for purchase on SEWP-V, CIO-CS, ItesChess, NetCents, Vendormate and Med Assets purchase contracts

AMT is continuing working with the State of Florida/Governor Rick Scott's Office for state assistance and business growth in Florida

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