Headquartered in Central Florida, American (AmVet) Medical Technologies (AMT) provides a wide selection of commercial and healthcare software

products and custom software solutions.

User friendly state of the art field tested unified secure communication mass alert notification software or USCMNS product solutions now offered by a technically advanced veteran owned small business.

Through the application of strong project management and provision of services from our network of partners, AMT is able to leverage the talents from the top product software organizations around the world.  

Our broad range of MNS software skill sets and our wide geographic reach give AMT an ability to rapidly adapt to changing requirements – our strategic advantage in today’s evolving markets.

Our innovative approach to Federal, commercial and healthcare product offerings eliminates significant overhead while maximizing time management and value for our customers .

About AMT

About AMT :

AMT is a highly technical unified secure communication "mass alert notification" software solutions delivery organization and custom software development for federal, commercial and healthcare needs.

AMT is a State of Florida Diversity Certified VOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business). Veterans Administration CVE VIC "VETS FIRST" , DoD and NSA IC/ARC certified. Federally SAM, SBA and D+B Verified company. A

AMT products are listed on the SWEP-V, NetCents and CIO-CS federal contract vehicles. AMT products are listed on Vendormate.

AMT product are licensed for resale with Avant Communications, CDW, PCC, ePlus, BlueTech and 22nd Century Technologies. 

AMT is Diversity Certified Vendor at Baylor Scott White, Baptist, Mercy, Bayshore, Broward and Kaiser Healthcare groups and more.

Our History:

Our executives that are all previous owners of successful large companies built and sold, they are: Our executives grew Inacom to be sold to Compaq/HP, founded and grew STG sold to ERDAS, founded Pace Technologies that was sold to HP. 

At AMT we have a rich history of product innovation, product creativity creation and market leader in deliverables. The executive team assembled with “AMT” were the creators of the first satellite digital mapping software, the first GPS/GIS software that was deployed and used with our troops in Desert Storm by STG, Inc. The creators of the first RAID 5 controller board and RAID 5 software sold to Barrnet Banks and HP. Additionally, members of our team co-founded and pioneered several PACS companies introducing some of the first PACS offerings into the market. We developed the first Mobile RIS software. We developed some of the first GEO Spatial software. We were pioneers and still lead with SAAS Cloud Solutions. From Patient entry to PACS to Portals to HIC to Cloud. We pioneered Mass Alert software. Recently we created and have brought to market based needs request a line of Medical and Diagnostic grade monitors. We have designed, created and delivered software to some of the biggest names in healthcare. We are now adding digital DNA, Biometrics, media situation awareness and 4D, crowd sourcing, geospatial GPS and encrypted DHS approved transmission software.

AMT offers the best of class solutions and products for the best price. This is AMT

Headquartered in Central Florida, with additional offices in Austin, Carey, Denver, Key West, Montgomery, Savannah and Tulsa.

Founded October of 2011, now in our 5th year, we are focused on providing USC MNS mass notification software solutions at national and local commercial and healthcare corporations, federal agencies and our strategic partners.

AMT delivers industry specific counseled and integrated end to end solutions that support our mass notification software customer’s security, strategic, operational and financial goals. We deliver deep industry expertise in strategizing and implementing technology software creation, change and integration while working collaboratively with industry leaders and our partners to create or integrate software processes and solutions to organizational objectives. Global in delivery capabilities, local in perspective.

In addition, our focus is on creating new strategic federal commercial and healthcare and partner opportunities and driving change throughout the entire industries utilizing software development tools and high efficiency software process improvements that control costs, increase operational efficiency, improve productivity, speed delivery and enhance customer service.

We offer AMT Total Alert custom unified secure communication mass alert software and solutions. Our healthcare offering include OrthoView Digital templating software orthopedic Software. We offer a full line of Medical Grade monitors and DR Detector X Ray plates. We offer Avreo PACS/RIS and CGM EMR, Clinical, Lab and billing software.

The AMT-STG Pegasus DSS is cutting edge leading power house in the mass notification software solutions. This is best of class products, companies and personnel and we stand behind everything we sell.

AMT is a business partner with the MIT Group, Inc. of Oklahoma –offering when needed the power of two of the top application and software development companies in the market today.

Corporate offices in the US.

AMT-Delivering software solutions of tomorrow today. Secure communications, mass notification software, security, media situation awareness, 4D, crowd sourcing and geospatial GPS and more....