AMT on the go News!

11/02/16 AMT/ISS initiate product training and US wide rollout with Avant/CDW AIM City/State and Federal Contractor business units.

11/01/16 Avant/CDW generate first AMT/ISS product quotes to customers.

10/31/16 AMT/ISS and Avant/CDW sign Master Distribution Agreement and 3 Way Sales agreement for sales and distribution of all AMT/ISS Product offerings.

10/24/16 AMT receives approval to present product offerings to VA Office of Acquisition Operations TAC (Technology Acquisition Center) for November 16th, 2016.

10/20/16 AMT/ISS and Avant/CDW initiate 4 region US wide sales launch of AMT Total Alert mass notification software solution with the Avant/CDW/CDWG "AIM" group.

10/15/16 AMT product SKU's, product descriptions and transfer pricing accepted and entered into AVANT/CDW/CDWG re-biller system allowing AVANT/CDW/CDWG to directly quote AMT product solutions.

10/05/16 AMT fully On-Boards AMT products Total Alert with upgrades, Software Development and more products with AVANT/CDW/CDWG.

10/01/16 Major press announcement between CGM and AMT:

10/01/16 AMT ISS web page exceeds 2,500 hits for one month!

09/28/16 AMT and Shooter Detection Systems agree to cooperate on product sales of Total Alert moving forward to include the Guardian Active Shooter Detection as a fully integrated and tested solution.

09/27/16 AMT wins VA Orlando medical facility medical software sale.

09/22/16 AMT by Veterans Affairs invitation attends a VA conference call with the VA Director of Procurement on for updates and immediate VA move forward requirements based on the Kingdomware supreme court ruling and court order "Rule of Two" for VA first order court order for VOSB and SDVOSB suppliers. AMT is a VA VOSB Certified supplier.

09/20/16 AMT and CDW have sales kick off meeting with multiple CDW and Avant direct customer executives for Total Alert and Software Development.

08/28/16 AMT receives VA assigned vendor code and VA Tungsten Invoice payment vendor code and approval.

08/20/16 AMT fully on-boards Total Alert and software development solutions with Avant Communications and CDW. 

07/20/16 AMT and Patrocinium agree to co market and integrate product offerings. AMT adds Patrocinium offerings onto the Avant/CDW distribution contract. 

07/10/16 AMT and AVANT Communications agree to a National Kick off of Total Alert to include 454 dealer partners for September 2016.

06/02/16 AMT is now a National Security Agency NSA/IC ARC approved certified vendor.

05/27/16 AMT is now Global with active "Total Alert" proposals in Spain, Switzerland, Israel, Japan and Taiwan.

05/23/16 HR Informatik AG is now a AMT dealer for the sales and distribution AMT TotalAlert in Western Europe.

05/20/16 Avant Communications moves forward with AMT product roll out of Total Alert in the US commercial market beginning June 2016.

05/19/16 AMT is now an approved vendor with the top three US federal security agencies for TotalAlert.

05/18/16 Genco International is now a AMT dealer for the sales and distribution of AMT TotalAlert for global Total Alert sales.

05/15/16 22nd Century agrees to sell and distribute AMT Total Alert to US federal agencies.

05/01/16 AMT Receives "Vets First" Certification from the Veterans Administration! AMT is an approved firm and is now eligible to participate in Veteran-Owned Service (VOSB) and SDVOSB set-asides issued by VA. They are eligible to subcontract with VA’s large prime contractors in acquisitions where additional evaluation credit. AMT is also eligible to participate in VA’s Veteran-Owned Small Business Mentor-Protégé Program and is working with Boeing in this program. VA is one of the largest procurement organizations in the Federal Government. Annually, this Department spends over $3 Billion with eligible Veteran-Owned Small Businesses. 

04/26/16 AMT adds digital DNA and biometrics offering option for TotalAlert.

04/10/16 AMT add options for Beacon help stations, 4D building, geospatial GPS, crowd sourcing, instant and media situation awareness to AMT TotalAlert.

04/03/16 AMT starts product education with Avant Communications for CDW, PCC, ePlus and Liquid PC selling of AMT TotalAlert 

04/02/16 AMT signs partner agreement with Acula International.

04/01/16 AMT signs partner agreement with Totoku.

03/30/16 Rick Donnelly, Vice President of World Wide Sales Operations, Coimmvault, Inc. ($155.7 Million in sales) has agreed to chair a Honorary Board Member position on the Board of Directors of AMT.

03/29/16 Larry Davenport, CEO of the MIT Group, a powerhouse software development organization, has agreed to chair a Honorary Board Member Advisor position on the Board of Directors for AMT.

03/27/16 AMT is launching a cutting edge product that is DHS certified. The new AMT solution is a crisis or situation SmartTech X-Ray encrypted transmission software with situation analytics.

03/24/16 AMT now has major PACS and PACS/RIS available in new partnership with Avreo. Avreo now on SWEP-V and CIO-CS in partnership with AMT Federal contracts. Search under AMT.

03/21/16 AMT now offers CGM EMR, EHR and Healthcare Billing Software, cloud based for private, commercial and Federal customers, all offered on SEWP-V, CIO-CS, NetCents and Vendormate purchasing contract vehicles. Search under AMT.

03/10/16 Avant Communications with CDW have completed a fully executed sales contract with AMT for sale of AMT software solutions. Avant Communication and CDW will begin selling AMT software products immediately in all 50 states via their AIM sales teams. Sales will be to healthcare, small to large business, education, city/state and Federal business groups with Avant Communications and CDW.

3/13/16 AMT TotalAlert is the number one selling software solution.

03/01/16 AMT is now Diversity Vendor Certified for business with all medical facilities and clinics at:

"Kaiser Permanente, Baptist, Baylor Health, Baylor Scott White, UHS, Mercy, St. Lukes, UTSW, UNC, UWV, Broward, Bayshore, Archbold Healthcare and Medical Groups. Additionally with the State of Florida and all agencies."

02/20/16 AMT receives verification with our Federal Systems partner that the AMT Medical Grade Monitors and AMT DAQ healthcare billing software are now on SWEP-V and CIO-CS Federal Purchase Vehicles and available for purchase by Federal Agencies.

02/17/16 AMT receives "Veteran Owned Small Business Diversity" Vendor Certification with Broward Health Systems and Bayshore Healthcare for sale and purchase of AMT products.

02/11/16 AMT receives State of Florida "Veteran Owned Small Business Diversity" Certification!

2/10/16 Major announcement coming in April 2016.

2/1/16 OrthoView digital pre surgery templating software still holds number one in sales for 2015 again. AMT 'Total Alert" mass notification software sales climb to number two in sales.

1/15/16 AMT launches a line of "Medical Grade Monitors" for direct sale and are now selling rapidly.

1/5/16 AMT and "CGM DAQ" sign partnering agreement now offering state of the art medical billing cloud software.

1/3/16 AMT the "MIT Group" now partnering in custom deliverable solutions.

12/25/15 AMTEMD delivers a fully developed, tested , ready for production version of healthcare software suite to "Konica Minolta Global" for ZFP viewer, APS server software, PACS and cloud portal. Konica plans rollout of this new AMT solution set RSNA 2016.

12/24/15 AMT announces fourth year in a row of growing sales and profits.

12/10/15 AMT announces Brent Roebk has joined AMT as Senior Vice President of Sales, Southeastern Region Direct and Med Assets SE Sales.

11/04/15 AMT returns from RSNA with major software development contracts and requests.

11/02/15 AMT announces Gail M Boettger has joined AMT as Senior Vice President of Sales for the NE Regional Direct Sales and Med Assets NE sales.

11/01/15 AMT partners with World Pay, the largest credit card processing company in the world- for credit card processing payments to AMT from our Federal and Commercial Clients, effective December 1st, 2016.

10/30/15 AMT wins $5 Million dollar software development contract wins for 2016

10/15/15 AMT wins $1o Million dollar major GPO Medical software supply contract for 2016.

09/30/15 AMT announces the signed sales agreement for distribution of Orthopedic Surgical Implants, initial offerings to be Knee with Hip with Trauma and Spine to come.

08/15/15 AMT announces formal agreement to offer and develop commercial software solutions with tMITg.

07/20/15 AMT "PACS Independent" fully enabled viewers now available on the MA contract.


AMT Products now available on Vendormate and Med Assets purchase vehicles


AMTEMD plans the global launch for the worlds most advanced AMTEMD cloud based suite of complete healthcare software solutions is now planned for "Go" simultaneous launches in the US, Europe, South America, Japan, India and China in a first ever scenario software release with one of the worlds largest medical Imaging companies with first of there kind advanced healthcare software features never seen before that will begin to change the healthcare industry in a way never seen before!

04/21/15 AMT now offers new Ziehm C-Arms solutions for sale!

03/11/15 AMT now offers the all new PICA Whole Body MRI System for resale!

03/09/15 AMT now offers the most advanced Mammography/Tomosynthesis multi modality viewer with Mammography tracking in the first ever fully integrated viewing system. Over 60 sold in the US market already!

03/04/15 AMT now on the following Federal Contracts for product pricing and purchasing by the Federal Government, contact us for any details.


FirstSource II

CIO-CS (NIH Later this y



NREL – BPA (DOE contract).

03/01/15 AMT signs 3 year very large software development contract with Konica Minolta Global.

02/18/15 AMT

now offers Full Mammo Viewing and Mammo Tracking Software with full Workstations, the only Mammo Viewing software that can display all modalities at half the price of current competitors, fully FDA approved. Commercial and Federal sales.

02/15/15 AMT now offers PACS Lite, PAC and RIS, and PACS/RIS/EMR/Billing and more for Federal Agencies.

02/11/15 AMT now has expanded products on the Federal SWEP purchasing vehicle and has FedRAMP cloud storage for our Federal clients and new customers.

02/04/15 AMT now negotiating 2 large software development contracts!

01/07/15 AMT now has FedRAMP cloud storage availability for all Federal Accounts!

01/06/15 A new fleet of the Evolutions Series of Cloud based PACS/RIS/EHR and new ZFP viewers are rolled out for 2015!

01/04/15 AMTEMD now partnering with Google, Amazon, Verizon for software development of product enhancements for our OEM solutions.

01/03/15 AMTEMD wins and releases a new OEM Partner PACS/RIS/EHR with master DR Distributor for immediate sale the OEM's customer base.

01/02/15 Happy New Years and business success for all partners of AMTEMD!

12/17/14 New Mobile Cloud PACs/RIS-EMR/Billing now available for OEM cooperative partners of AMTEMD! Now offering a full suite of Cloud based, or Cloud/Proxy/Server OEM software available.

12/16/14 A new ZFP 3D Universal Viewer coming early 2015 for OEM cooperative partners of AMTEMD!

12/15/14 AMTEMD gets the approval to develop healthcare software for a global medical imaging sales and distribution company.

12/5/14 New Vice President of Eastern Sales, Vice President of Central Sales and Senior Vice President of Channel Partner sales starting in January 2015 with AMT.

12/3/14 AMTEMD successfully attends and returns from RSNA 2014 after meetings with major medical imaging and modality distributors for software development discussions and further announces new 3D viewing and manipulation hybrid capabilities is being added to the Universal ZFP viewer module

12/2/14 AMTEMD announces expansion into South American market for software development

12/1/14 AMTEMD wins agreement to develop digital radiographic and fluoroscopic acquire software and DR acquire software for a $100 Million dollar master distributor and modality distributor

11/21/14 AMTEMD wins software enhancement development project with a medium sized PACS sales organization

11/21/14 AMTEMD wins contract to develop a new Billing cloud based solution for major software billing sales organization

11/15/14 AMTEMD agrees to develop acquire software for major DR distributors

10/22/14 AMT and EMD announce merger plans. AMT to become the Federal Sales Arm of EMD while still 51% veteran owned. EMD will the commercial arm of cooperative software development and sales. Hugh Douthit accepts transition position of Senior Vice President of Global Sales at EMD and will still maintaining his CEO title and 51%ownership and title at AMT based on his veteran status. A stock exchange will take place between the two companies.

10/21/14 AMTEMD is about to release the branded cloud based PACS and ZFP Universal Viewer.

10/17/14 AMT attends OTA in Tampa with OrthoView , show produces great success.

09/15/14 AMTEMD wins another software development project.

09/02/14 AMTEMDMII release new Vet Ortho combined software and mobile DR X Ray solution.

08/25/14 AMTEMD has won a major a custom OEM PACS software delivery win and rollout with 3 major US DR manufacture's from our new "Evolutions" cloud based series of healthcare software.

8/20/14 By providing cooperative software development with our major DR and PACS partners we are filling a need in the marketplace, as the AMT/EMD web site is getting 80 hits per day with inquires, pricing requests and software development orders are growing, we don't want you selling our software, we want you to buy our custom solution and sell the products with your custom features and your branding, making it your healthcare software solutions, thank you to all of the new loyal customers!

We offer Custom "Evolutions Series of products"-OEM Universal "Zero Footprint" Cloud Viewers, Physician and Patient Portal's, Patient Kiosk's, Advanced HL7 engines, RIS type Modality Worklists, MWL, SDK's, DR Acquire Viewing software, Web Viewers, Mobile Radiology Software, Mammo Tracking Software, PACS, ISM-Meaningful Use, Billing and more! We attach and fill in the missing area's for you. All Custom OEM or private label for you to create a healthcare solutions set to offer your client base.

8/18/14 AMT is now registered to do business with over 8 VISN's and over 80 VA hospital centers and growing in number per our status being a Veteran Owned Small Business Woman Disadvantaged, SAM and VA approved and Certified. We welcome all the new Federal Business! Our products can also be purchased via the SWEP contract that we are registered on. AMT is further coordinating with major PACS suppliers to partner with them for federal business opportunities.

8/15/14 A new state of the art 14x17 and 17x17 retrofit plate coming soon at a price never seen before, the plate is so advanced that retrofits can be done in 2 hours or less from AMT/EMD and MII/DR.

8/14/14 AMT/EMD and MII/DR are jointly releasing new high quality super low cost Mobile X -Ray Systems from DynaRad with a 17x17 plate with state of the art Mobile Radiology software from AMT/EMD at a price never seen before. This is going to change the face of the mobile X Ray market.

8/8/14 AMT/EMD and MII (Medical Imaging Innovations) release the first cooperative DR and PACS solution. A new super low cost, high quality and complete MII U-Arm + Straight Arm and AMT PACS coming in 10 days to be followed with more exciting announcements.

8/7/14 AMT/EMD and DynaRad release first cooperative product releases, OrthoVet and Mobile X Ray solutions with AMT PACS/EMR/Billing and Mobile X Ray and room solutions!

8/5/14 AMT/EMD win entry onto NASA SWEP contract for software services and DR access for our Federal customers. This is for Federal NAICS codes : 423430, 423450, 511210, 541511, 541940.

8/4/14 AMT/EMD win sales distribution agreement with MMI to sell and distribute AMT/EMD software!

8/1/14 AMT/EMD and DynaRad Agree to a cooperative cross marketing + selling agreement for DynaRad Mobile X-Ray and AMT powered by EMD Mobile Radiology Software to sell to Mobile Radiology Companies

07/28/14 AMT/EMD and Medical Imaging Innovations agree to create a cooperative working agreement.

07/21/14 The Triad Solutions Group Alliance welcomes aboard Jill Wile as Regional Sales Director for the Southeast Region.

07/15/14 The Triad Solutions Group Alliance wins major software development and delivery win with a International Global DR Manufacture to deliver a custom healthcare suite of private label solutions!

07/11/14 The Triad Solutions Group Alliance wins major software development and delivery win with major DR US Distributor to deliver custom private label PACS, RIS, Billing and more healthcare solutions.

07/09/14 The Triad Group Alliance will have all products and software development services available on the SEWP Federal contract purchasing vehicle soon!

07/04/14 The Triad Group Alliance is now in negotiations with several DR manufactures to develop software.

06/30/14 A new generation of advanced DR acquire software is coming from the Triad Group.

06/24/14 The Triad Group announces several development projects by the power house software development alliance. A new Dynamic Fluoro Acquire product is coming soon.

06/20/14 Several VA hospitals in Florida (part of VISN 8) have selected and installed OrthoView for their orthopaedic surgeons. They include the VA Medical Centers in Gainesville, Tampa, Bay Pines, West Palm Beach and Miami. These hospitals have selected and installed OrthoView with Philips PACS for their orthopedic surgeons. They join the many other VA facilities across the USA that have chosen the OrthoView digital pre-operative planning and templating solution.

06/19/14 The Triad group announces a complete veterinary pre surgery planning templating software combined with Mobile X Ray, DR, CT or MRI for complete us wide veterinary solutions.

06/18/14 First annual meeting of "The Triad Group" takes place!

06/11/14 AMT/EMD Mobile Radiology software rated as best in class

06/10/14 AMT/EMD signs another dealer network!

06/09/14 AMT Expands Varian DR configuration line availability

06/09/14 A new revolutionary product coming 2015 from AMT/EMD

06/06/14 AMT/EMD sign 2 new dealer networks

06/05/14 Talon Robinson joins AMT as a RSM for the Central US States, Welcome aboard Talon!

06/04/14 AMT/EMD signs a major US medical dealer network.

06/03/14 AMT/EMD announce joint venture development of AE Hyper Spectrum super advanced image processing solution called MED-DS (massively enhanced detailing display imaging software) that will allow visualization down levels never visualized in medical imaging previously, with the possibility of visualization down to the cellular level while being able to identify nodules or very small cancer growths or anything scaling up with this resolution break through, this product will be a market reset!

Clinical trials of the AE Hyper Spectrum MED-DS software and combing with genetic testing software are being planned. As both CEO's of AMT/EMD stated "Think of the medical possibilities, this will be another breakthrough market reset solution from AMT/EMD".

06/02/14 AMT announces joint venture with Genetic Testing Labs and revolutionary testing process.

05/27/14 Gale Conner joins AMT as Senior Proof Reader for all marketing collateral materials to be created moving forward-Welcome aboard Gale!

05/22/14 AMT wins new healthcare software development projects!

05/20/14 AMT releases new dispatch alert mobile radiology software.

05/19/14 AMT announces another new customer win joining the AMT growing family.

05/19/14 AMT attends AUA at a partner vendors shared booth, successful show!

05/16/14 Carl Hinkelman joins AMT as Vice President of Sales, welcome aboard to Carl!

05/14/14 AMT/EMD now offers and a is official a reseller for state of art new Varian DR's Wireless, Tethered or fixed configured Arm, Floor or Overhead mount choices, Gadox or Cesium combined with AMT/EMD Acquisition software for Radiology, Fluoro, Mammo or Orthopedic. All supported and installed by a certified master dealer network across the US with the best support and next day replace or fix response.

05/12/14 AMT now offers re manufactured GE CT's, single to 64 slice with or w/o cardio!

05/09/14 AMT/EMD win software development contract!

05/06/14 AMT wins new healthcare sales contract!

05/02/14 AMT/EMD announces new DR acquisition software release!

05/01/14 AMT/EMD announce the release of a cloud based PACs/RIS/Billing subscription model!

04/28/14 AMT/EMD signs master dealer agreement with MII

04/24/14 AMT/EMD releases advanced mobile radiology product!

04/24/14 AMT and EMD announce joint venture agreement. See Press Release below.

04/23/14 AMT and EMD major announcement coming soon!

04/16/14 OrthoView announces the release of V6.3! order it now from AMT!

04/16/14 AMT powered by EMD announces the soon to be released RIS/EHR for mobile medical units!

04/15/14 AMT and EMD attending by invitation the DoD/VA Healthcare 2014 Summit this May in San Antonio, TX., 2 of 35 select companies invited to attend!

03/31/14 Jean Moe Prince Joins AMT as a Regional Vice President covering Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama, welcome aboard to Jean!

03/15/14 AMT and EMD announce the co development of a new meaningful use certified EHR for AMT

02/15/14 Coming soon from AMT -Structured Reporting software Solution, Fall 2014!

02/01/14 Eddie Sweat joins AMT as a Regional Vice President covering Mississippi,Tennessee and Kentucky a hearty welcome to Eddie.

01/14/14 A new kind of EHR is released with Practice Management and Billing meaningful use certified by AMT-EMD!

01/13/14 Darrell Hearne joins AMT as Director of National Accounts and Sales, welcome aboard!

01/02/14 AMT Becomes a authorized Varian DR supplier.

Major Press Release Announcement 04-24-2014

AMT-AmVet Medical Technologies and EMD Software Systems, Inc., have announced today 04-24-2014 a new signed joint venture agreement between the two firms. AMT is now the exclusive sales and marketing for all EMD software development capabilities and products in the US and Europe.

EMD and its 45 engineers will be the power behind all products developed that will now be sold through AMT moving forward. This includes OEM, licensed products, and intellectual properties developed for the healthcare IT market. EMD specializes in the development of fully functional applications, plug-in modules, and SDK packages, developed for small to large medical resellers, partners, dealers, PACS, RIS, ERH, EMR companies, CT, MR, DR and Digital Plate organizations and Medium to Large hospitals and the federal government.

Hugh Douthit, CEO of AMT stated “This is an exciting joint venture agreement that will propel both companies into a solid and growing future. With EMD’s software development capabilities and product offerings for the healthcare information technology market we have expanded our reach and raised the bar for other companies to follow within medical software solutions.”

Pat Mulcahy, CEO of EMD Software Systems stated “It was a natural and obvious fit. AMT has the sales and marketing reach to provide EMD with sales results that we would otherwise be unachievable. I look forward to explosive sales growth for both companies. We are ecstatic over the fact that we can have our development staff focus on dong what they do best, developing new and innovative products, instead of moonlighting as sales people. We already develop solutions for many organizations and look forward to the challenges of ever pushing the bar higher for healthcare IT and a very successful joint venture.”

About AMT:

A top supplier of medical software solutions to the medical marketplace for commercial, private and government medical needs since 2011. Offering medical software and application development, Desktop Alert and OrthoView software solutions. AMT can be viewed at:

About EMD:

EMD Systems Software is a software development company specializing in fully developed client / server, standalone, SAAS, and web based applications as well as sub-system components. We specialize in healthcare projects dealing with medical information systems, medical billing, HL7 Engines, medical reports, document archiving, mammography tracking systems, and Healthcare EDI. EMD can be viewed at: