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AMT offers OrthoView!

AMT offers OrthoView, the Digital Pre-operative Planning and Templating for Orthopedic Surgeons.

OrthoView planning software sold by AMT has been and continues to be developed in conjunction with the orthopaedic community and designed specifically for the needs of orthopaedic surgeons.

About OrthoView Orthopaedic Digital Pre-Operative Planning Software V7

OrthoView software provides comprehensive digital templating and pre-operative planning solutions for joint reconstruction and orthopaedic trauma, pediatric and spine surgeons.

Installed in over 2,000 hospitals, orthopaedic clinics and private practices and used by more than 11,500 orthopaedic surgeons worldwide, OrthoView offers an array of tools and wizards, features, integrations, and support to make pre-operative planning simpler and more efficient.

OrthoView has an extensive orthopaedic digital template library available to its customers, and it is compatible with Windows and Apple OS X operating systems, as well as PACS that meet the DICOM standard.

OrthoView Procedures

Joint Arthroplasty

Hip Arthroplasty

Knee Arthroplasty

Trauma & Fracture Management

Pediatric Assessment

Limb Deformity Assessment & Correction

Spine Assessment

Digital Pre-Operative Planning & Templating

What Is Materialise OrthoView?

Materialise OrthoView is the dedicated orthopaedic digital pre-operative planning and templating software used by more than 11,500 surgeons in over 2,000 facilities across 63 countries worldwide. Orthopaedic surgeons use Materialise OrthoView’s vast array of planning tools and wizards, and extensive prosthesis template library, to create detailed pre-operative plans quickly and easily from digital x-ray images. Materialise OrthoView facilitates digital planning and templating for joint arthroplasty and revisions, orthopaedic trauma, limb deformity correction, osteotomy and pediatric and spinal assessment and is chosen by hospitals worldwide to meet their target of film-free radiology.

Orthopaedic Company Partners

OrthoView has partnered with more than 75 orthopaedic medical device manufacturers to create and maintain a comprehensive Digital Template Library with the latest devices and the most up-to-date versions. Below is a list of the orthopaedic medical device manufacturers that are included in the OrthoView Library.

A list of the orthopaedic medical device manufacturers that are included in the OrthoView Library.

Acumed, Adler Ortho, Aesculap, alloPlus, Amplitude, Aptis, Arthrex, Ascension, Aston Medical, ATF Implants

Bioimpianti, Biomet, Biotechni, Bone & Joint Research

Ceramconcept, Ceraver, Consensus Orthopaedics, Corentec, Corin

DePuy, DJO (& Encore)

ESKA Orthodynamics, Evolutis, Exactech

Falcon Medical, FH Orthopaedics

Global Orthopaedic Technology, Hit Medica

i.ceram, Iconacy, Implantcast, Implantec, Innovative Design Orthopaedics, Intelligent Orthopaedics, International Orthopaedics

JRI, KLS Martin, Kyocera

Lepine, Lima, Link

MAKO Surgical, Mathys Medical, MatOrtho, Maxx Health, Medacta, MicroPort Medical


OHST, OMNI Life Science, Ortho Development, Orthodynamics, OrthoPediatrics

Pega Medical, Permedica, Peter Brehm, Protheos

Samo, SEM, Serf-Dedienne Sante, Signature Orthopaedics, Small Bone Innovations, Smith & Nephew, Stelkast, Stryker Orthopaedics, Surgival, Symbios, Synthes

Tantum, Tecres, TGS Knee Innovations, TJO, Tornier

United Orthopaedic, Wright Medical, Zimmer

If you are a Federal Agency, , we are SAM certified and a Veteran Owned Small Business and we sell OrthoView.

If you are a commercial, private or not for profit or for profit clinic or medical facility, please contact us, we sell OrthoView.

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