The TotalAlert suite of healthcare notification products and services leverage healthcare organization’s existing ip-based computational infrastructure by leveraging federated networks locally and worldwide across dispersed geographic locations. TotalAlert provides a full array of mobile applications that bolsters true enterprise-class, end-to-end mass notification communication to healthcare organizations.

TotalAlert is a world class provider of Secure, Targeted and Unified Secure Communication mass notification solutions. We are now proud to offer hospitals and other healthcare organizations a total alert platform. TotalAlert is a world class provider of Unified Secure, Targeted and Mass Notification technology solutions. “Total Alert Healthcare”, whether it is responding to a major medical emergency or informing staff of a system outage, many healthcare organizations are seeking vastly improved methods to notify their staff, visitors, and patients with critical information. The good news is that the effective placement of one, time-sensitive notification, can dramatically improve the rapid response by the healthcare community.

With the Total Alert Healthcare system your healthcare organization has a unified emergency alert system with a centralized distribution console capable of targeting response teams, staff, clinics, common areas, and visitors simultaneously, informing them of the necessary steps to take in the event of an emergency.

Total Alert for HEALTHCARE provides multi-modal capabilities delivering alerts through your in-place network of desktop computers, digital displays and kiosks, phones, text messaging, beepers, and public address system. Multimedia alerts, bulletins, reminders, and more are easily and quickly prepared. Simple one button activation provides enterprise-wide mass notification.

Some of our AMT and DTA customers include:

HCA corporate, UCLA Health

Promedica, Nebraska Medical Center

Berkshire Health Systems, Atlantic Health Systems

HCA Riverside and San Jose Medical faculties

Northridge Medical Center and 50 more facilities. Isn't it time your medical facility adds TotalAlert? 

Total Alert Healthcare has been designed to integrate with computers (pop-ups or email), mobile phones, PA systems, LCD/Digital Signage, VoIP phone systems, home phones, web pages and much more. Integration with these devices allows Total Alert Healthcare to provide hospitals and healthcare organizations with the ability to quickly communicate to their community on issues such as:

Safety Alerts and Exercises

Daily Bulletins

Training Notifications

Policy and procedure reminders

Help Desk Alerts (System Outages)

Community events

Integration with your intrusion and fire medical facility systems, nurse yes/no for duty Fob, SafeKey GPS locate and panic wearable device, active shooter, HR notifications, weather and safety alerts, IT systems notification, executive notification and much more from TotalAlert for your medical facility.

Isn't it time to add TotalAlert to your medical facility?